About Meadowfresh

Company Background

Meadowfresh Dairy Corporation is a B.C. based manufacturing company that processes, packages and distributes a wide range of dairy products for the Western Canadian market. We operate a 22,000 sq ft plant and 18,000 sq ft warehouse in Port Coquitlam, B.C. We have been in operation since 1991 and we are proud to be part of the Agrifoods Cooperative family of brands.

Our plant has a robust capacity that offers flexible solutions and we produce an array of products to suit your business needs. We excel at creating customized products on demand to ensure your needs are met. We also offer retail ready products like our Grass Fed Milk. To find our more check out our services.

Our Customers

We have over 700 customers. Our customers are made up of both industrial CDC permit and non-permit based food processors who produce and distribute food products to Canadian and foreign markets. We also work with retail grocery stores and food service companies such as hotels, restaurants, caterers, bakeries and coffee shops.


Meadowfresh sources milk from local farms to ensure optimal freshness and high quality. This direct to the source relationship gives you the longest possible shelf life.

Compliance and Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Team ensures products are diligently tested and inspected:

  • Federal registration pursuant to the CFIA
  • Recognized by the Dairy Farmers of Canada
  • BC Milk Marketing Board class “A” vendor
  • HACCP compliant
  • Kosher certified by BCK
  • Organic certification (certified by PACS)


Canadian Food Inspection Agency Canadian Milk Board BC Milk Marketing board
Centre for Disease Control BC Kosher Certified by Pacific Agricultural Certification Society



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Meadowfresh Pasture